Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Blog LIVES ON.

Almost exactly two years ago I set up this blog thinking I was going to dispense my immense knowledge on various subjects to anyone who would listen. This inspiration lasted for only two posts early on in the 2011-2012 college basketball season...two posts that were likely completed only because I was at my Grandparents' house on Thanksgiving break, and didn't have anything more pressing to do. Now, I find myself two years older and wiser and with a LOT more free time to think and write post-graduation. I have no idea how regularly I will post on this blog, but it is indeed time to revive it.
In the two years since I created it and quickly stopped posting to it, so many things have happened that I wish I would have collected my thoughts on and written about. I may get around to writing about these eventually, but for the sake of at least mentioning them, I will list a few below:

LeBron James' greatness has been validated by two NBA Championships. He continues to be the most consistently impressive athlete I have ever watched in any sport. He would never have faced the scrutiny he has in the pre-24 hour sports reporting/twitter era. I'm not interested in the "will he surpass Jordan" conversation. I was 4-ish years old in Jordan's prime so I will never appreciate him as much as LeBron, because he hasn't brought me the same level of joy nor the same number of rabid chest pounding moments while sitting alone on my couch that LeBron has. I am fine with Jordan being the GOAT. LeBron has made my life joyful. These new Samsung commercials are great, but nothing will ever be as great as The LeBrons

A rapper by the name of Kendrick Lamar has given us a 21st century rap hero. No one in the industry can touch him with a 10 foot pole. If they try they will have so many circles rapped around them they won't know which way is left. Unsure about this, just go ahead and take a gander at this video. All rappers know this, and the effect has been largely Tiger Woods-like on the rap world. It's more exciting when there's one dude who just knows he's on another level.

Duke Basketball has made it back to the top of the recruiting world, and as top-tier recruits have begun to roll in, the future looks brighter than ever. (See Kyrie Irving and Jabari Parker) Had Kyrie's infamous toe not been so tragically injured, I am nearly certain we would be the owners of back-to-back titles once again. Perhaps Jabari can lead us to the promised land this year. It should at the very least be the most enjoyable Duke team to watch play in a while.

Side goofy is the Duke Basketball Official Poster this year??? It looks like it was made on Microsoft Publisher 97 with all the default font settings. Not to mention "Fast And Furious" as the tag line. Original.

The Atlanta Falcons made it to the doorstep of the Super Bowl in 2012 and in true Falcons fashion have managed to screw it up the following year once again. (See 1998 followed by 1999) For my dear Father's sake, I hope this trend ends before he dies.

Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the social media website of choice for the current "young" generation. I still use both so this is sort of irrelevant to me, but Facebook has become the site I go to if I want my parents and "adult" friends to see my posts. That was not the case two years ago. Twitter has changed the sports-watching experience forever, and I don't know how I once watched sports without it. Every hilarious bench celebration, fan folly, and amazing dunk is now discussed endlessly as soon as it happens and it's a beautiful thing.

Rap music in general is as fun to listen to/read about/discuss/critique/attempt to understand as it has ever been. Between walking sociology/cultural identity dissertation-topics like Chief Keef and Drake and purely entertaining characters like Gucci Mane and Rick Ross, following the rap game is as fun, engaging, and stimulating as ever. Plus, thanks to the aforementioned Kendrick Lamar among others, truly good music continues to be made.

That's enough for now....someday soon I may expand on some of these or come up with something new I want to write about. Regardless, I'm excited to be writing again. Hope you enjoy reading if you feel so inclined.

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